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Details about carpet floors
| Carpets |

Comfort that's soft & colorful

Carpet has so many things going for it. It’s soft, safe, warm and quiet. It’s stain-resistant and gives excellent value for the price—and it saves energy. Carpet is also proven to trap allergens and dander (which can easily be removed with the right vacuum used regularly). So for beautiful comfort underfoot, consider carpet. It’s not hard to take care of carpet.  It will look lovely for years to come. We offer almost endless choices, styles and designs. We provide full carpet installation service in your house and office and fully guarantee our work.

Description of hardwood floors
| Hardwood FloorS |

Glowing with warmth & character

Rich and inviting, hardwood makes a distinctive statement. Because of a great range of natural variations—from boards with extreme character, graining, and color variation to those that are evenly colored and consistent. Lustrous hardwood can create a uniquely beautiful floor, warm, stylish, and original to fit your style. Hadwood floor are bit more expensive to install hower require very little maintenace and will last for very long time. We have over 20 years of experience installing of all types hardwood floors in Winnipeg and area.

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| Tile and Stone |

Extraordinary durability & style

Both chic and classic, floors of tile or stone say “welcome home”. They’re elegant, durable, low maintenance and environment friendly. Tile, whether it’s ceramic, porcelain, or stone is one of the longest-lasting flooring materials in existence. Basic, consistent maintenance of your tile or stone floor will ensure that it remains beautiful and trouble-free for many years. We offer vide selection of tiles and full installation service. It takes a bit more work and time to have them installed however we provide flexible work schedule to accommodate your needs.

Laminate floors
| Laminate Flooring |

Remarkably realistic and long-wearing

Appealing hardwood visuals and marvelous slate and stone looks are the hallmark of today’s laminate. It simply looks like the real thing. And laminate flooring is great for busy families. Wears incredibly well and comes in breathtaking colors and styles. High-end and fashionable, laminate’s a hot choice. Laminate’s construction makes it inherently durable floors that will stay attractive for years to come. We offer many choices and styles. Laminate floor do not take long time to install. We guarantee superior results for all of our customers no matter the budget or project size.

Description of vinyl floors
| Vinyl/Resilient |

Comfort that's soft & colorful

Vinyl is a fashionable, high-tech floor covering that offers outstanding advantages to your style. There have been amazing advancements in resilient flooring in quality, design and durability. They are easy to clean, resist scratches & scuffs. Vinyl floors are affordable and can be quickly installed. We offer many choices, colors and styles. It would be our pleasure to have them installed in your home or office. Our experienced team at Adam’s Flooring Installation will complete every project to your fullest satisfaction.

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| Vinyl Plank Flooring |

Extraordinary durability & style

Vinyl plank flooring is gorgeous, extremely durable, affordable, and it comes in an endless array of colors and patterns. It is highly resistant and durable, plus it requires less effort for maintenance. Vinyl is 100% plastic. It provides superior resistance to moisture. Vinyl planks floor is best to use in bathrooms and other damp areas The floating vinyl plank flooring is the most beautiful and realistic flooring solution available on the market these days. It would be our pleasure to answer any questions and have them installed in your home or office.

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